Undrugonda is known as “Devathala Konda” (gods’ hill), where different kings develop many temples at different times. The whole hillock appears like “Sayana Narasimhaswami” (sleeping Narasimha Swami).

One “Sri Laxmi Narasimha Swamy temple” is unique with its depiction of Gajendra Moksham in Bhagavatam. The “Koneru” in front of the temple contains the rock structure of a large crocodile with its hacked neck, believed to be done by Lord Vishnu with his Sudarsanam when protecting Gajendra,” [changed “protected” to “protectingGajendra, who ultimately attained moksha. We can also see Lord Vishnu in Kurmavatara, giving assurance to the remaining crocodiles who prayed (Saranu Vedinai). Sankham and Chakram appeared separately, and Lord Vishnu’s idol is alone with Sri Laxmi coming later. We have to see and feel the Gajendra Moksha Drushyam personally, and no words can explain this site.

Laxmi Narasimha Swami Swayambhu idol is considered to be existing since 6000 years back by the archaeologists. Since then, tribals used to worship the idol, and Rechera Padmanayakulu developed the temple in the 9th and 10th centuries.
Other temples: 5 Vaishnava temples and 7 Saiva temples are built and developed by different kings from Ikshvakulu to Kakatiyas. Rama Swamy Devatha temple ruined by local vagabonds for treasure, and a large Siva temple on the hilltop with 24 pillars with sculptural beauty have to be protected. Now 18 Hanuman Vigraham, and 16 Kala Bhairava Vigraham on all sides of the hillfort (considered to be protecting the kingdom) still exist.

Adi Seshu, Naga Devatha, Ganga devata, Surya Bhagavan temple, Vinayaka Vigraham, and different grama devata temples exist there. Many medicinal plants grown by different kings, medicinal/ayurvedic preparatory centers, are developed at “Mandula Kuttilu.” District authorities surveying for medicinal plants identified 28 types of medicinal herbs for diabetes, cardiac diseases, and natural mosquito repellents.

Plenty of places of meditation for ancient saints (“Rishula Guhalu”) exist there. With all these spiritual and meditation points, undrugonda is a magnificent spiritual center. Giri Pradikshana, like in Arunachalam, can be arranged here with idol/temple/sculpture at every stage of Pradakshina. Many Hindu organizations, such as Hindu Devalaya Pratishtana Peetham, headed by Pujya Sri Kamalananda Bharathi Swamy, establish their meditation centers at Undrugonda. Muslim kings also constructed a Dargah (mosque) at Undrugonda, which has to be further developed. Recently, Christian associations have also tried to develop a Christian religious center at Undrugonda. All these facts make Undrugonda a symbol of religious harmony. All the eight hills with valleys, hilltops, water lakes, fortifications, and temples make Undrugonda a scenic archaeological and spiritual center. People from different walks of life are visiting Undrugonda for relaxation.

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