This fort also played a role during the Indian union’s annexation of the Nizam kingdom when Nizam Nawab put Khasim Rajwi’s army at Undrugonda fort to prevent the progress of Indian armed forces towards Golconda. This fort also got its role in “Telangana Rythanga Poratam.”

Undrugonda Giridurgam was originally built by Vishnukundinulu and Kalyana Chalukya dynasties in the 5th century A.D. Later, it was developed by different dynasties at different periods such as Kunduru Cholas, Recherla Padmanayakulu, and Reddy Rajulu. Later, Kakatiyas, Bahamani Sultans, Vijayanagara Kings & Ajamjahi Kings ruled this fort by their representatives. British archaeologist Robert Swell who visited this fort during the Nizam period, quoted it in his article “Archaeological remains in the presidency of Madras, Varanasi,” published in 1852.

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